Thursday, June 22, 2017

Weekend Recap

As we prepare to go into another weekend (the first official one of the summer, right in time for Mark's birthday), let's recap the last!

After work on Friday I met the family at Turtlefest.
(this is my "just worked a 12 hour shift and now time to soak up my babies" look)

We managed to get our photo with the big turtle!

(what a difference from last year!)

Baba was there too!

Then we celebrated father's day with an outdoor dinner of some pulled pork and mac n' cheese.

Josie showed daddy how she could paint a birdhouse

Happy Father's Day!

Then Sunday evening was a venture to the beach for sunset just like we did last year.

Hope everyone is having a great start to summer!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Five on Thursday


How is half of June gone already? We've been keeping busy with water table fun!

And hanging with our pals at our big siblings' swimming lessons!


Thomas is starting to show interest in using a fork. Such a big boy!


Mark and I are both working full time, Thomas's top teeth are finally coming in, Josie is in her emotional rollercoaster toddler prime, and our schedules have been anything but regular lately. Needless to say, at the end of the day we're all wiped!

But looking at the calendar for the rest of the month makes me so excited as we have lots of family time reserved for the four of us!


Two more things Thomas is up to lately:

Smiling sideways in his highchair!

Walking! He is regularly doing several steps in a row now. We are so proud of our big fella!


Have a super weekend!

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Weekend Recap

It was a hot & sunny weekend with its share of ice cream, sunscreen, and another trip to the beach! We kicked things off Friday with my parents coming to stay for the weekend. Thomas took a record of three steps into Babcia's arms and later in the kitchen. We're so proud of him! 

Backyard fun
(Thomas wasn't interested in sharing his car)

Then Saturday kicked off with soccer!

Josie got her first goal! And no, the kids aren't playing organized games yet, just running drills and playing and having fun together.

After soccer we checked out the farmer's market, took naps, did some shopping, and had a fabulous spaghetti dinner before checking out the beach with my mom.

What a way to finish the day!

And today, Sunday, my parents left (thank you for everything!) and it was just me and the kids for most of the day while Mark had to catch up on some work. First was some shoe shopping followed by Josie helping me do laundry at home. In the evening I took the kids out a run and it was a success! It may have started with a toddler meltdown, and I definitely walked a lot of it, but it felt good to get back out there.

And there's another fantastic summer weekend in the books!

Monday, June 5, 2017

And it's June! Weekend Recap

For a work weekend we fit in a lot of family fun! Thank you warm weather and long evenings.

On Saturday while I worked, Mark kept busy with the kids with soccer, an open house, and seeing Baba. We had a sitter come watch Thomas for a couple hours in the morning while Mark coached Josie's soccer team and it was a big success! Love when our boy is happy.

Saturday night we ventured out for a long walk and ended up having dinner at A&W.
The service was probably the worst we've ever experienced, but they weren't rude, just extremely short staffed, so we took in the family time and eventually got our food. Getting a breakfast sandwich for the kids to share was a real hit!

Then on Sunday after work we took our first sunset beach trip of the season! It started pouring as soon as we got there so we took shelter in an ice cream shop where we got Josie's name written on the wall as part of the Ice Cream Club. I wonder how many times we'll return this year.

Once the rain finally stopped we took a walk along the pier and then on the beach. Thomas again was so close to taking those first steps. In the past week he's been taking a single step before pausing and dropping down to crawl. Both kids loved exploring the beach (except that part when the water creeped into Josie's shoes and got her toes wet - the horror!). I'm so happy summer is here and we can drive down 25 minutes to a practically private beach (at sunset at least) as often as we'd like.

And since today (Monday) was my day off, I definitely counted it as part of the weekend!
After swimming with Thomas we hung out with our neighbours in the backyard before picking up some groceries together then having a picnic. The rest of the day was spent doing some cooking, cleaning, and prepping for the work week.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

May Odds and Ends

With my return to full time work, two weddings, multiple long car rides, soccer starting, and lots of time spent outdoors, May was a full month for us. In between the main updates on this blog, what have we been up to?

Thomas took his first photo this month!

Busy days mean evening trips to Costco
(and being literally the last customers to leave)

This month brought its fair share of rain but we were good sports about it

What our two-year-old is doing at daycare: sanding and working in the shop.
Meaning she's basically handier than me or Mark.
I'm sure her Dziadek is proud!

Our lily of the valley is in full bloom and smelling amazing.
If only they would stay like this all summer.

These best friends are frolicking on our walks at least once or twice a week.
(can you believe they were ever so little?)

Warm days and sunny evenings are here!

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Weekend Recap: a beautiful weekend off

With my work rotation I had last weekend off including Friday!

I loved waking up to this happy fella and his big sister and just having a day with the kids. Apart from taking Thomas's 13 month photo, I don't remember anything too remarkable. Just lots of playing outside and attempting to do housework inside.

After Mark was done work we went for a walk with our friends who are also our neighbours.

Then Saturday morning was Josie's big soccer debut!
Then we got home, got changed, and went back out to meet Baba for lunch.

Blurry because she is that fast. Also notice the cherished water bottle we have not been able to pry out of her hands, even during naptime.

Then we went home and spent some more time outside. Mark played with the kids while I mowed the lawn and did some weed whacking before making supper.

Again with the cherished water bottle.

Had our first barbecue of the year
(by barbecue I mean pulling the George Foreman grill outside)

Then it was time for a long walk including a jaunt in our old neighbourhood where Mark and I lived before having kids.

Our final destination was ice cream. What a perfect Saturday!

Sunday was action packed too with a charity trail walk starting our day.
I am loving the new toddler carrier we got for Thomas.

The official race photos turned out pretty nice!
Notice me in the background appearing to struggle (no fair, there was just a huge downhill followed by an uphill so Mark ran ahead with the stroller)

all caught up!

With our friend and her little guy!

Josie's triumphant finish
(I can't believe I ran this race while pregnant with her three years ago!)

And Thomas with his buddy Sam!
We didn't slow down after that as we had some concert tickets gifted to us by some dear friends so Mark and I got a babysitter and enjoyed some fabulous music. We got home and then did another walk, dodging rain drops on the way home and then doing the bedtime & getting ready for work/daycare routine for Monday.

And that was a sunny weekend to remember!