Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Canadian Christmas Blog Swap 2017

This year was my third year participating in the Canadian Christmas blog swap!

Shannon was my partner this time around and after sharing a couple introductory e-mails I received this sweet package in the mail. I put it under the tree and got my three year old to open it up with me. Look what was all inside!

We love everything in there including two sweater ornaments (expertly placed on the tree by Josie), most delicious Lindor chocolates I've ever had, as well as some baking and decorating supplies, and an adorable card. I just baked up a batch of sugar cookies using the cutter tonight and can't wait to decorate them! Thank you for the burst of Christmas spirit in our house Shannon!

Thank you to Leigh & Lindsey for organizing this exciting exchange!

Monday, December 11, 2017

Five on Tuesday


We had some friends over a couple weeks ago for a cookie decorating night. So sweet!


My parents had asked what the kids wanted for Christmas, and I said one of those toy storage units would be great. Next thing I know my dad has built one double the size of any I'd seen, delivered & assembled & secured it right to the wall!

How amazing is that! Thank you so much Dziadek! The kids will be enjoying this for years to come, and Mark and I will better be able to control the chaos that comes with all their favourite toys scattered everywhere. ;)

(As you can see, it didn't take long for Thomas to learn that he could move the step stool from the kitchen to the toy shelf and access all the top shelf toys)


There's nothing like the magic of a snowfall through the eyes of little ones.


Last week Mark and I celebrated our twelfth anniversary of being together!

And because every anniversary post is better with a throwback, here's the two of us back in 2005!


Mark's Movember campaign of 2017 ended with a new record of raising a very fitting $2017 for men's health initiatives. How amazing is that?!

...amazing enough to land him the front page of our town's newspaper!

We're so proud of you Dada! Love you!

What's up Wednesday & Monday

I've accepted that day in the life posts are next to impossible when you have two small children and two jobs. But since I want to remember my days with my kids at these ages, here is a (mostly photo) summary of my last two days off at home with them:

Wednesday morning Mark's work time coincided with play group so we all loaded in the car and he dropped us off so we didn't have to rush in the cold.

The kids had a ball and I experienced "that moment" when I realized that Josie was one of the biggest kids there. Very fitting considering it's a preschool group and she starts kindergarden in under a year! Now let me cry in the corner. Happy tears!

The day continued with running errands and shopping at the mall. I let the kids run free between shopping for a new fridge calendar and planner. I found this one and absolutely love it so far! Babcia texted me asking Josie what she wanted from her for Christmas and she promptly found two pairs of Skye jammies.

We got home just in time for naps and storytime.

After naps we turned on our Paw Patrol inflatables and poor Skye got caught. Josie watched from the window as I rescued her.

Fast forward to Monday...

The morning started with the kids running around the house as I cooked bacon and eggs! 
Neither kid wanted anything to do with the bacon. More for the grownups! Mark came home for a quick bite and then I spent way too long bundling the kids up for a "winter hike."

We walked a local trail with a couple huge hills and Josie walked the whole time! When I took Thomas out of the stroller when we reached the swings, he froze up and refused to walk even a step in that snow. Boy sure needs to get the hang of new things before accepting them!

The swings, however, are an old favourite for both kids and we had a ball there. Josie told me she was too big for the bucket swings and decided to go flying on her tummy on the big swings.
We finished our walk through town, stopping at the thrift store where Josie pointed to a box TV and said "What's this Mama, a microwave?" and then we went to Bulk Barn for more cookie decorating supplies.

Then after naps, Mark comes home, we have supper, and do a Costco run where our cuties are just the sweetest little things to each other. 

Days like these are precious!

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Weekend Recap: Santa, and Baba's birthday, and Moustache shaving, oh my!

What a weekend!

Considering I have just two weekends off in December, we packed all the pre-Christmas family fun in that we could. I went into the weekend sick, having come down with something the week prior and even calling in sick once, for the first time in my life - not a fan of wrecking my perfect streak at all. Fortunately I bounced back with the help of family love, food, and some Polish home remedies from my parents. 

On Friday I was home with the kids and Thomas insisted on walking himself down the stairs for the first time. His daring downward steps are a little different than toddler Josie who did cautious little bum-steps for the longest time! 

Then on Friday afternoon my parents arrived! My dad brought the kids a handmade early Christmas gift for the kids which I will show later. And my mom once again outdid herself with cooking a fridge-full of her amazing food. Thank you so much!

Friday finished off with a visit to see Santa and Prancer. The kids were a little uncertain about Santa so Mark and I stepped in.

Then on Saturday we got dressed up and nailed our mall photo with Santa! Seriously though, I love it. You could hear the sighs of relief when we told Santa and the photographer that we were okay with a crying photo. Because who wants to see the same pose year after year?
(also don't they totally look like twins in this one?)

The highlight of the weekend was throwing Baba a birthday party! Happy Birthday Baba!

The kids were big fans of the cheese noodles. Thank you to my mom for preparing a buffet of delicious food in the kitchen!

Happy Birthday Baba!

What, there's more? I told you it was an eventful weekend. Sunday started out pretty easygoing but then it was time for the grand moustache shaving of 2017. More on Mark's triumphant month of Movember soon!

Only the Dickson family makes moustache shaving a family affair. And we love it.

The rest of Sunday featured some Christmas shopping which turned into me deciding that I needed work shirts and Josie helping me in the change room, then a work Christmas dinner followed by a visit from some amazing friends who surprised us with handmade bags for Christmas! The kids are crazy about them, especially Josie who's been filling her full with random household items and hauling it all over the house all week. Thanks again!

And that was our fantastically busy pre-Christmas weekend!

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Thomas at 19 Months

Thomas our 19 month old boy!

Ever so animated, slightly more easygoing, and passionate as can be.

Every day just keeps getting better with this budding personality!

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Four on Saturday

one. Watch me grow!

two. Watch me grow!

three. No Black Friday mania for this family, but we did go to the semi-busy mall on Thursday night and couldn't resist a certain baby winter hat. 

 four. Happy weekend - at least what's left of it! 

Friday, November 24, 2017

Weekend Recap: a parade, a family dinner, and a birthday party!

After a cozy family night in decorating our tree on Friday night, we spent the rest of the weekend out and about.

On Saturday we woke up to the wettest November day you could imagine, but packed our umbrellas, put the cover on the double stroller, and played kazoos in the town's Santa Claus parade! Thomas played a long with us and Josie was mesmerized by the Paw Patrol characters (her first time ever not being scared of a mascot!)

As soon as we got back in the door and took off our soaking wet coats, it was time to pack for our second stop of the weekend: Babcia & Dziadek's house. Happy nameday Babcia! We enjoyed a fabulous meal and night over. The kids loved their new red car and we were sent home with a whole cooler full of my mom's home cooked food which kept the four of us full for the whole busy workweek! Thank you so much!

On Sunday afternoon we enjoyed the last stop of our weekend adventures with a friend's sixth birthday party: cake and balloons and unicorns oh my!

And that was our busy weekend recapped before the next one is over!