Saturday, March 17, 2018

St. Patrick's Day 2018

Wishing you all a very happy St. Patrick's Day from our end of the rainbow to yours!

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Five on Friday

The first week of March:


My Birthday fun finished off extra sweet with Baba taking us all out for dinner & dessert. Thank you Baba!


Our week started off with just half of a swimsuit for Thomas (we can pull off the diaper look, whatever). Thomas was quite grumpy, and his temperature later that day meant it wasn't about his swim attire. Turns out he caught a cold, which throughout the week spread to Josie and me and Mark. Winter. Be over soon please.


Thomas's snap from one of our nightly strolls. As hard as it is to get out some nights, we always agree that it's so good to get out for the exercise. 


Last week the kids and I put together Josie's new dresser. It was definitely a special parenting moment seeing your kids taking initiative in a project like that.

I was determined to get it done when Josie went down for a late nap. Where's baby?

And the finished product. Now all that's left is replacing that old bookshelf with a little desk!


Last week was also Josie's first Kindergarten orientation!

We experienced another huge parenting moment seeing that parachute come out. How I remember those days! And how excited we are for this new chapter for our firstborn.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Birthday Weekend Recap

The last weekend of this whirlwind month featured my birthday! Not sure how nearly two months of 2018 have whizzed by so fast!

I was blessed to get to spend my birthday with my amazing family enjoying each other's company, good food, good drinks, and of course some good old fashioned Pokémon Go (yes, we are still loving it). There was an awesome event going on that afternoon and we hit up Square One which was loaded up with other players. Too much fun!

Then on Saturday night my family threw a wonderful party which included Josie's first yo-yo lesson followed by enjoying a late night at my sister's place in Toronto while my parents watched the kids for the night. On Sunday (my actual birthday) Mark and I slept in for the first time in AGES and it felt incredible! To top it off it was 12 degrees Celsius and Mark and I got to enjoy a long walk through the marsh while the kids napped at my parents'. Loving the warmth and sun this time of year!

Thank you family for such a super birthday. You are just what I needed!

Thomas at 22 Months

And a few more from a beautiful February day:

Big Girl Bed!

A very big deal that happened this month was our Josie getting a big girl bed!

And not just any bed: a trundle bed! (with Paw Patrol sheets!)

This twin over twin trundle will be perfect for future sleepovers or for Thomas to sleep over when we have visitors in his room (also our guest room). It's definitely the coolest bed I've ever seen. 

Josie's room has fast become our family hangout. We've been calling it the treehouse. Just think how great it will be for forts.

We're so happy with how well Josie transitioned. We'd been talking about a big girl bed for a few months but it was a surprise when she woke up from a nap in it! We let her fall asleep in her crib sized toddler bed and then moved her to the guest bed while we spent a couple hours putting it together. Then we transferred her back and she woke up. She was pretty groggy at first but once she fully woke up she was THRILLED about her bed. Thomas, as you can see, shares her sentiment.

We're starting to see our girl's nursery become a big kid room and we're amazed at how our sweet baby is growing up. And we love hanging out in the treehouse together!

Our Family Day Weekend

It was another working weekend but the Dicksons found time for family fun! On Saturday night we checked out a local roller derby event.

Thomas insisted on standing attentively by the sidelines and clapping whenever the athletes came around!

We had to get a team shot.

Then on the holiday Monday we enjoyed bounce castles, popcorn, and pizza! So much busier with two kids in the bouncy house (unlike last year)!

It didn't take long for the kids to fall asleep after. Then Mark and I snuck a sleeping Josie into the guest bed and we teamed up and built her big girl bed! A lovely family day that ended with a big surprise for our girl!

Life Lately - Mid February

Hello blogging catch up day!

Through the middle of this month we kept busy on our days and evenings off. Let's recap some of it before the month is over. Mark had his course in Toronto one weekend so we stayed at my parents' which was a closer drive for Mark. The kids got to make cheesy garlic bread together for this first time (with plenty of sampling). We all enjoyed mom's delicious food and Josie, my mom, and I enjoyed a girls afternoon out shopping.

The day after Pączki Day was Valentine's Day which was filled with love and good eats. Mark joined me for lunch at work and then we it up the same pizza place as last year. Once again we were the only people in the restaurant so we made jokes about making our annual reservation of the whole place.

What was next? Our Family Day weekend!