Sunday, December 20, 2015

Canadian Blogger Christmas Swap 2015

Back in October I saw on my friend Leigh's blog that she was organizing a Christmas blog swap for Canadian bloggers. I thought it would be a fun opportunity and a chance to get to know some other bloggers like me, so I sent her an e-mail and before long I got paired up with Ashley at Life As I Know It.

I started stalking reading her blog and discovered that she too is a mom of a toddler born in 2014 and expecting baby #2 in April 2016! What's more, she lives right in my area so we were able to arrange a drop off/pick up of gifts instread of having to pay for postage.

Opening Ashley's gift for me was a lot of fun:

And Ashley definitely did some homework and discovered that I love bird watching. Take a look at this beautiful card and these adorable owl ornaments! And those awesome dish towels that are perfect to "Christmas" up my kitchen!

The owls are going right up on the tree. Might I add that Ashley was thoughtful enough to choose very kid-friendly unbreakable ornaments! The best!

My birding skills tell me that's a long-eared owl and an eastern screech owl

My first year participating in the Christmas Blog Swap 2015 was a pleasure. Thank you to the organizers: Leigh and Lindsey! It was a nice way of making the digital world of blogging a little more real - with a lovely Christmas sparkle, of course! Thank you Ashley for the sweet gift! Merry Christmas to you and your family!


Ashley said...

Oh good! Glad you love it!! I love mine as well!! I will get it posted this week!! Soo glad it worked out the way it did and nice to know a blogger near by! Haha! Merry Christmas to you and your family!!

Leigh said...

It's funny how much you and Ashley have in common! Love what she got you. Thanks for participating! :)